Pertechs is owned and run by Per Blomberg who has been involved in the automotive and motorsport industry for almost 30 years. Throughout the years a number of different teams and categories have been covered. It all started with karting in Sweden in the early nineties, both as a driver and as an engineer for the most successful Swedish karting team ever, Ward Racing. This was at the highest international level, competing in the European and World championships. After that the path has gone via a few automotive engagements and several motorsport assignments, in both formula cars and touring cars. The most durable has been at Cyan Racing (formerly known as Polestar Racing) that lasted for approximately 15 years and resulted in 13 titles in the Swedish and Scandinavian championships and most noticeably two World Championship titles in WTCC 2017. Per Blomberg has an engineering degree and the engineering field has also been where Per Blomberg has spent all the years mentioned above, particularly within race engineering, simulations and R&D.



Our mission today is to provide the automotive and motorsport sector with all the hard gained knowledge from highest level of professional motorsport, in the areas of vehicle dynamics and engineering, and contribute to your organisation to extract higher performance from both the vehicle itself and, as important, the people around it, via clever way of working and smart solutions and processes. By this, achieving your highest ambitions together!

Per Blomberg, Pertechs AB