Historical triple STCC champions

It is difficult to know where to start. This has been such an intense season in many ways. We knew that this season should not be a “walk in the park”. All our main competitors upgraded to new cars. As much as 8 brand new Audi TCR were entered in the championship, of which four … Read more

2022 Mid season update

We have now reached mid-way of the 2022 STCC season having completed three out of six events. The championship this year is for sure a much more competitive story than last year. Our main competitors in the rivalry Audi teams of Brink Motorsport and Lestrup Racing are all doing a very good job and for … Read more

Kumho tire model sectrets

The highly anticipated tire models for the TCR Kumho tire have arrived to Pertechs. So, now it’s the time to fully benefit from all the information that those tire models consist of. But first, a brief explanation what those tire models are, how they are created and what the purpose and usage of them are. … Read more

Same, same, but very different

Pertechs will again support LM Racing in the TCR Denmark championship for the 2022 season. There are a number of changes within the team compared to last year. Most notable are probably the change of drivers, as both of last years drivers have left the team and Lars Höjris and Kenn Bach will have to … Read more

Ctrl-c, Ctrl-v or not…

A new STCC season is getting closer. Challenge is accepted to try to repeat last year’s record braking season and again win the STCC drivers title together with Robert Dahlgren and PWR Racing. On the surface much looks to be the same as the previous year. We will continue to use the same car model, … Read more


So, the race season 2021 has come to an end. And, what an amazing season it has been. Having had the pleasure to work in both the Scandinavian Touring Car Championship (STCC) with Robert Dahlgren and PWR Racing as well as in TCR Denmark with Jan Magnussen and LM Racing has been very fun, exciting … Read more

Best start of the season ever!

We have now completed half of the 2021 STCC season, meaning three out of six events. That is equal to 6 qualifying sessions and nine races. We have won all qualifying sessions so far and also all six races where we have started from the qualifying positions. The three races where we have started from … Read more

Digital results!

That’s how we could summarize our TCR Denmark 2021 season so far with Jan Magnussen. When we have seen the chequered flag we have been the dominant force winning 5 out of the 6 first races. Unfortunately we have also scored zero points in six races so far. We had a severe accident in the … Read more

The New Challenge

Now it can be confirmed that the racing season 2021 will have a second challenge for Pertechs in the form of race engineering the legendary superstar Jan Magnussen, driving for LM Racing in TCR Denmark. To get the opportunity to start collaborating with Mr. Magnussen, who has such a tremendous record in racing, having won … Read more