Ctrl-c, Ctrl-v or not…

A new STCC season is getting closer. Challenge is accepted to try to repeat last year’s record braking season and again win the STCC drivers title together with Robert Dahlgren and PWR Racing. On the surface much looks to be the same as the previous year. We will continue to use the same car model, the Cupra Leon Competicion TCR, the crew around our car is kept intact and most of the competitors and teams are again present.

On the other hand to do “Ctrl-c, Ctrl-v” from 2021 to 2022 will not produce any championships for us. There are several reasons for that, for example;

  • There will be no less than 8(!) new Audi in the championship,
  • Our main rivalry teams are contracting really talented and experienced drivers,
  • Our car is in its third year in its homologation cycle and it’s not as easy anymore to gain performance from it,
  • STCC is changing success ballast format that will hurt our performance compared to others.

For the above reasons, and more, we need to have a very clear view on how we are going to approach this season, both regarding car development and performance, but also regarding qual and race strategy as well as way of working within the team. All of us that are involved in this challenge knows what it takes to deliver but as always, to win is not easy. But we will be ready. Bring it on!

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