Event Engineering

Pertechs has a long and sucessful background in the event engineering field, at all levels of motorsport, even at the highest international level.  This very broad and complex subject can be divided into

  • Race Engineering
  • Performance Engineering
  • Operations Engineering
  • Race Engineering

    The race engineer is the personal link between the driver, the car crew, the team management, the tire technicians, the engine and performance engineers as well as the factory based R&D engineers. It is therefore a very complex and comprehensive duty that requires a lot of skills and experience to excel in.

    Pertechs can provide race engineering support being it race, track test or other dedicated rig tests etc. Working in a team with already defined processes and tools is always an alternative, but if needed, Pertechs can provide all the necessary items for track side engineering as well as pre event planning and post event reporting.

    Pertechs has a proven track record within this field at the highest international level that speaks for itself, with multiple titles at both national and international competition. Being Chief Race Engineer during the Cyan Racing WTCC campain in 2016-2017 meant managing all the engineering track activities for all three cars plus test car including the engineering staff of around 15 people.

    Performance Engineering

    Performance Engineering can be a part of the Race Engineering subject or a separated operation which then aligns closely to the race engineering duties, but with a more dedicated focus on data management and analysis. This can be divided into

  • Data system management and configuration (setting up the hardware, sensor calibration and checks, file offload and storage etc)
  • Car maintanence (verifying that all systems in the car is working as expected)
  • Car performance (chassi, brakes, aero, engine, drive train, tires etc)
  • Driver performance
  • All-in-all, performance engineering is an operation that needs to very well defined and structured to work effiently as normally the available data is very comprehensive and takes more time to evaluate than what time permits during a race or test event. Therefore it is vital to have processes, tools and methods that enables the performance engineering to deliver useful results before strict deadlines.

    Pertechs documented expertise in vehicle dynamics, simulation, data analysis and driver development as well as data systems design and management can be applied to any motorsport discipline to enhance on-track performance and help deliver the results all teams desire.

    Operations Engineering

    This is a part of a racing team that is often forgotten and underestimated. Summarizing championships though, it is extremely often the winning teams are the ones that made fewest misstakes without perhaps being the ultimate quickest. Put it the other way, many championships have been lost because of "if not if...". Operations Engineering is just about that, to make as few misstakes as possible and to use all the available potential from the current package in terms of the team and its recourses. This is done be working efficient, with good communications and with the right tools, methods and processes.

    Pertechs has been responsible for this area at the highest level of motorsport and can therefore contribute to your organisation to gain operations performance and by that achive the desired results more often.


    How can Pertechs help your team?

    Pertechs can provide race, performance and operations engineering capabilities to your organisation and this can be adapted to suit your requirements. This includes everything from pre event preparations, via on track execution to post event data processing and reporting, both for test and race events.



    For interested customers, also training of exisiting personel might be of interest regarding any of the above mentioned subjects. Gain the knowledge from Pertechs long experience to rapidly ramp up your personel knowledge withing the race, performance or operations engineering field.


    Online Support

    Especially performance engineering but also race engineering can successfully be applied as an online support via modern communication techniques. Pertechs has experience of this and can affirm that it is a very good way of adding engineering power to the track side team. This gives a very cost effective solution since travelling and accomodation does not need to be taken into account. Also, it enables the remote support to focus, without the surrounding noise, at the selected tasks and therefore give more objective and valid results, at the same time in a more efficient way, than what might be possible for the track side counterpart.

    For more information or to discuss your requirements for event support and training please contact us