Same, same, but very different

Pertechs will again support LM Racing in the TCR Denmark championship for the 2022 season. There are a number of changes within the team compared to last year. Most notable are probably the change of drivers, as both of last years drivers have left the team and Lars Höjris and Kenn Bach will have to take on the challenge from the highly successful duo of Jan Magnussen and Nicolai Sylvest. Last years collaboration with especially Jan Magnussen proved to be very strong, including for example seven race victories, so it will be a great loss not being able to continue this collaboration for this year.

There are still a few very interesting items in this project that enables Pertechs to work at the forefront of race and performance engineering which highly contributed to the continued collaboration with LM Racing for 2022, those being mainly;

  • Kumho tire models for lap time simulations

The team has agreed to invest in tire models (Pacejka MF5.2) of the new Kumho tire that will be introduced for this season. This is an enabler for any type of vehicle simulation and will therefore be key for Pertechs in the usage of its CAE tools and methods in order to generate setup strategies and preparations ahead of each event.

  • Remote event support

The collaboration for the 2022 season will partly be done by remote support. This is a highly cost efficient way of utilising more or less all of the capabilities that Pertechs possess over. The events in Denmark will be supported from Pertechs HQ in Sweden via some of the most modern technologies in order to arrive at a solution being very close to the onsite variant. This, to a fraction of the cost.

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